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With 1 week cruises out of Miami, in June  2006 the 160,000 ton 4370 passenger Freedom of the Seas became the worlds largest cruise ship. A glance at the dining room will tell you that the 15 floors serving the passengers will offer levels of views and amenities not seen before on any passenger ship.


In addition to family size cabins (for up to 14), you will find cell phones and WiFi work ship wide, a water park with a surfing pool, a Jungle-themed adults-only Solarium,  many new places to eat and be entertained, and programs and services for all ages. Of course all of your normal cruise services such as Full Fitness Center, Spas, Beauty Salons, child activity programs, many forms of entertainment are also available in abundance. 

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The honor of the biggest ship will stay with the "Freedom" for 3 years. In 2009 Royal Caribbean will outdo itself with a new "worlds largest and most expensive cruise ship" Costing about $1.24 billion this new ship will carry up to 6400 passengers. The ship is being called Project Genesis. According to a company spokesman the new ship will be more fuel efficient than current vessels. However at this point I do not even want to speculate on the new features it may have.






Cruises are the best vacations around. While the size of the Freedom may be impressive to some, you may be more impressed with the destinations and level of services of others, or the special interest theme cruises frequently available.  Whatever your desire, we can find a cruise to accommodate you. 





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